My Melbourne


When I was planning this illustration I asked my boyfriend what came to his mind when he thought of Melbourne. I expected him to answer in the usual way with “shopping, coffee, laneways, rain, trams, wine, grumpy people who literally will step over you when you slip over on the street etc etc”.

Imagine my surprise as he listed points that have never crossed my mind, like “AFL, cycling, the MCG, craft beer, AAMI Park, traffic”!

I always guessed that people view Melbourne the same way I do, the land of trams, bad weather and great coffee. My boyfriend’s response made me realise that either I need to broaden my horizons a little or we all have our own ideas of what makes Melbourne so special.

I plan to do another version of this print, one that suits the Shehan’s of the world, but for now here is my visual representation of what makes Melbourne.

You can now purchase the My Melbourne print through my Etsy store, where you can also receive 15% off all prints by entering the code CHRISTMAS15 at checkout!

Don’t forget to #supportlocal this Christmas!



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