Man on the Moon


You know the type, he works in an inner-city suburban cafe, he brews his own beer (which he also uses to keep his hair shiny), his man bun is on point and his beard generates “beard-envy” wherever he goes. Women want him, men want to be him.

I already have a bearded man in my life, but that didn’t stop me from creating the perfect dreamboat with the hair I have always dreamed of having. After making a Chet Faker card for my beard-loving friend I steered away from my usual feminine portraits and came up with something a little different. I still tried to keep my pencil work clean and minimal, while trying some new techniques with watercolour paints.

To my surprise, this Man on the Moon sold out before I could even put him up for sale through my Etsy store! If you are hoping to get your hands on this print though, he is available through print on demand at a reduced rate of $30 (plus $5 shipping if necessary).

If you’re interested in purchasing Man on the Moon as a fine art print just get in touch with me via email



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