Love is a good pair of jeans

NobodyJeans 02

Jeans: Nobody (Skinny Cult) / Top: Target / Bralet: ASOS

I underestimated good denim for too long.

After a lifetime of buying cheap pairs of jeans here and there, I decided that in true ‘buy less, choose well’ fashion I would invest in some long-lasting, well fitted denim that would suit my body type along with everything in my wardrobe.

Enter Nobody Jeans, the Fitzroy based, label famous for its classic, high-quality products and ethical approach to business. I’ve had my eye on Nobody for quite some time and not just because their products are wardrobe staples. Nobody denim is credited with the Ethical Clothing Australia standards and they’ve even undergone a resource assessment with Sustainability Victoria to cut down energy costs and severely reduce waste.

Since beginning the process of minimising my wardrobe one thing I’ve struggled with is finding companies that are sustainably responsible, but also timeless and affordable. Purchasing a pair of Nobody jeans has been a great step, as not only have I now opened up entirely new outfit options for old pieces, but I’ve done so in a way that is kind to the earth.



6 thoughts on “Love is a good pair of jeans

    1. Exactly! It makes such a difference when you buy the right pair, not just any old pair. I used to always have a problem where my legs just weren’t long enough for any jeans, but no problems with this pair!

      Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂


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