What you have


Leather jacket: Saxony / Skirt: Topshop / T-shirt: Nude Lucy

I saw something interesting last week. Claire Hart, of previous ‘Stolen from Grandma’ fame, posted a sweet little bag on instagram, accompanied by a very meaningful caption.

In the caption Claire discussed her past, which she described as “consumed by materialism and the so-called ‘need’ for material objects”. She went on to explain that she still loved fashion, but now considers what she is spending her money on and no longer allows advertising to make decisions for her.

I admired Claire for posting this because I know how she feels, and I am sure many others do as well. All I have to do is look at the bags of clothes I no longer wear sitting in my study to see evidence of my over-indulgent youth.

I’ve been trying all year to be more considerate with my purchases, taking care to ensure items will still be wearable as the seasons change and avoiding brands that do more harm than good. Honestly, it’s easier said than done.

I almost slipped last month as I planned to splurge on an entire new outfit I could not afford for a one-night event, knowing very well that I have a closet full of clothes at home and it was this kind of carelessness that I have been trying to put an end to.

Luckily, I was talked out of it and instead of buying new items I searched through what I already had and put together this outfit above. My favourite (and only) leather jacket, a basic tee and a denim midi skirt bought last spring, created exactly what I was hoping to achieve with the new items I almost bought.

If you are like me, and trying to minimise your wardrobe, spending and impact on the environment then start with looking at what you already own. Wear what you have because most likely it’s exactly what you need.


Photos by Shehan, who always knows what to say to get me back on track



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