Vctoria Vctoria on Etsy

vctoria vctoria flatlay etsyAfter a year of thinking about it and months of planning, my Etsy store is now open for business! All my illustrations will now be available online, printed on to aquarelle rag and shipped to you in protective packaging!

It’s no secret I love texture. I’ve experimented with smooth watercolour paper and recycled cardboard, but I always come back to beautifully textured paper. This was a concern for me when I began planning, as I was always told a smooth finish was the best for prints. Naturally, I was thrilled when I met with Thirds Fine Art Printing and their first suggestion was the mould-made watercolour paper. They understood what I wanted immediately and produced the cleanest, most striking prints I could ever imagine.

It goes to show, just because something works for someone else, it does not mean it’s right for you. Do what feels best and you’ll end up with a finished product you can really be proud of!

I will be updating the store monthly and  I am making plans to be selling at some local markets (there may also be some greeting cards in the works…shhhh). As a special offer for the first month of my Etsy store I am offering free shipping on all local orders. Just enter the code ‘VCTORIA’ at checkout and your new illustrated babe will be on her way.

Visit the store now at

Vctoria Vctoria Etsy Our Love Comes Back Vctoria Vctoria Etsy Romance Vctoria Vctoria Etsy SaltwaterVV



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