Smart choices


Skort: Princess Polly / Singlet: Paint it Red / Hat: Sportsgirl / Bag: Odel / Sandals: Novo / Ring: Windfall Jewellery

Like most, I set myself many resolutions this year. One big (and I assume very common) resolution was to make smarter choices. In setting this what I like to call “umbrella resolution”, I am hoping to achieve smaller resolutions, like saving money and being more thoughtful when it comes to purchases.

This resolution had me looking at my wardrobe and realising my most hated/regretful purchases have been colourful, fast fashion pieces and my most beloved purchases are investment pieces in a palette of blue, white, grey and black. Of course, there are a few exceptions (I love floral too much to let it go), but the bulk of my smart wardrobe choices fit this description.

Therefore, in keeping with my resolution, in 2014 I will be reducing my wardrobe to items in blue, grey, white, black and a few timeless colourful pieces. By buying sustainable, timeless pieces rather than cheap, short-lived items I hope to save money and also reduce waste that accumulates from poor quality, fast fashion.

Two weeks into the year and I am beginning to look at the shapes and quality of garments rather than the “in” colour and style. After all, wearing basic colours does not always mean wearing a basic outfit.


Photos by fellow conscious shopper, Shehan who wears Mr. Simple and Afends.



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