My love for Vietnam

I left my heart in Vietnam.

Hanoi_01 Hanoi_02 Halong Bay_01 Halong Bay_02 Hue_01 Hoi An_01 Hoi An_02 Nha Trang_01 Nha Trang_01My first “big trip” was a month of backpacking South East Asia. My first stop was Vietnam. Maybe it was all the Bia Ha Noi or maybe it was all the excitement of being the furthest away from home I had ever been, whatever it was, Vietnam stole my heart and I know I’ll be back there soon.

My quick tips when exploring Vietnam:
Eat the street food, especially the mozzarella sticks.
If you have clothes made, visit a store where the workers are paid properly. You will pay more, but at least you will keep your conscience.
Ride all the bikes you can, everywhere and anywhere.
Go underground in the Cu Chi tunnels.
Spend a night on Cat Ba Island.
Take the train! But if you do take alcohol with you. You won’t notice the cockroaches if you’re passed out.



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