Thoughts on fashion

flannel_01 flannel_02 flannel_03 flannel_05 flannel_04

Pants: Zara / Shirt: ASOS / Shoes: Novo

Outfit posts have been something I wanted to add to Victoria Victoria since the beginning, but for various reasons, I have always put it off. Finally one Sunday afternoon, with some encouragement, I got my first outfit post. I chose an outfit that shares my excitement that not only is it warm enough to take your shirt off, but it’s becoming more socially acceptable to tie said shirt around your waist.

A little about my thoughts on fashion; I try not to get too caught up in trends. I wear what I know works for me and mix any past/present style I like with that. I believe in sustainable fashion and ethical consumerism and it is something I hope to investigate further with my outfit posts. I admit not all my clothes are from ethical companies, but I try to buy brands that are socially/environmentally responsibly when ever possible. I also buy vintage pieces because I feel like it is a great way to minimise the large amount of waste that is created by ‘”fast fashion”.

So here it is, my first outfit post and I’m looking forward to featuring more!

Photos by the darling Shehan, who wears some retro Nike and a Butter Goods beanie.




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