Weird, wonderful China


CityWallsXian7SagesHostel7SagesPuppyMuslimQuarterPudongYangshuoRiverMountainRetreatBalconyRiverViewCantonTowerGuangzhouVogueChinaA terrible thing happened to me in Shanghai…I dropped the camera I had borrowed from my boyfriend and broke the lens. Not only was my heart broken because I missed out on so many photo opportunities, but now I owe my boyfriend a camera. Luckily, boyfriend was in charge of the good camera and got himself some lovely shots while I sadly spent most of our trip with my iPhone and polaroid camera in hand.

Despite that, China was breathtaking. I sat in bars surrounded by girls with cat ears clipped to their heads, saw so much of China’s bizarre history, rafted down a river surrounded by mountains that came out of the ground like monsters and had my first KTV experience.

I was overwhelmed with how generous the people we met were and how friendly the locals are, especially when out of the blue a woman asked to take photos of me holding her chubby little baby. China is such a big, beautiful country, my only regret is not having more time to see the rest of it. I have a feeling I will be back.



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