Our love comes back

TakeAFallForMeThis is my first freehand, original portrait in a long time. It had become too daunting for me to draw a completely new image and I found a lot of safety in drawing images from editorials and advertisements. I was afraid if I drew something original it would look terrible and I would realise I couldn’t draw at all, if that were true what would I do with myself? Then, during a week where I experienced a lot of criticism and rejection, I set myself a challenge to draw a quick sketch everyday even if it looked awful. Some absolute shockers came out, (I will never show anyone the drawing of the beagle I did), but a quick sketch of this girl also came out. I cleaned it up and three days later here she is, in all her naked, watercolour glory.

This portrait is a combination of source material from my own life drawing sketches, some tips from an inspiring illustrator, watercolour paints, greylead pencils and listening to too much James Blake. It is my example of what can happen when you stop being your own worst enemy.



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