Blonde Part II


My previous post, Blonde Part I was actually created as part of a pair and here is Part II.

This is one of my favourite illustrations. I am so happy with the way the hair turned out and even the pose of the model is so beautiful and feminine. Both drawings are inspired by the same editorial and feature the same model. The pieces contrast each other, this piece shows a sweet and ladylike side, while Part I is darker and more sultry.


4 thoughts on “Blonde Part II

  1. I adore foxes, I’d love to see some of those drawings! What was your dogs name and why do you no longer have any pets? I think animals are wonderful.. I’ve always had pets, right now I have two cats, a dog and a bird. Love your blog, thanks for replying.

    1. I will have to put some drawings up soon for you to see then 🙂

      My dogs name was Reggie, she was a beagle. Reggie died from old age and now I live in a small flat with no room for pets, but I will get another dog one day.

      Wow sounds like you have lots of animals to keep you company! I’m jealous!

      Thank you love. Do you have a blog?


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